…exerpts and pieces from variuos projects I participate in

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“Loki, pour ne pas perdre le nord” with and by Abbi Patrix and Linda Edsjö. Artisitc collaborations: Wilfried Wendling, Jean François Vrod, Agnes Limbos and Pascal Houbin. Co-produced by Compagnie du Cercle and La Muse en Circuit

Other Gardens in concert, Copenhagen June 2015. With Randi Pontoppidan and Jennifer Dill

Other Gardens from Klaus Holsting on Vimeo.

“Inger” with Birgitte Lyregaard

Performing my song on Valérie Rouzeau’s poem in the Printemps des Poètes opening evening in France Culture toghether with l’Arbre à Kiwi! April 2014

Slide show with Eliott Erwitt during the photo festival in Arles 2012. Live music composed by me.
Performed by me, Jean Jaques Birgé and Antonin-Tri Houang:
Part 1
Part 2

Interview from danish P2 broadcasted 7th of August 2011

Saariaho and Other Gardens


Extract from concert in Copenhagen
, Jennifer Dill, Randi Pontoppidan and Linda Edsjö

Linda solo

Excerpt from Six Japanese Gardens by Kaija Saariaho Filmed in Copenhagen 2011

Jacob Druckman, Reflections on the Nature of Water: V.Profound

Eblis Alvarez: This is the house where we will live the rest of our lives.
With Magdalena Entell and Pernille Rømer, Doublebasses

Sven-David Sandström: The Last Fight

Linda Edsjö: Sufi


Hvis jeg står
Der er underligt anlagdte skygger

Pas de deux


Extract of Desire, Abbi Patrix and Linda Edsjö

Extract of L’eau de jouvence, Abbi Patrix and Linda Edsjö: L’eau de Jouvence


Eblis Alvarez:
Hola Felicidad
LeLe/E. Alvarez:
Univers 2
Univers 5


Linda Edsjö:        
Om varat

Du kan inte se

Christina Larsson: 

Tesco Value

Czeslaw Mozil/Tesco Value:
Wheel of Progress
Speakers Corner